Couples Therapy

1545159368It’s exhausting… fighting all the time…

Another day, another argument. The nights are longer, and the days are even worse.

You just want a break and tget along, but you’re both holding on to resentments and past judgments.

It feels like you made the wrong choice with this relationship.

Therapy isn’t new to you. But you just weren’t committed to making changes in the past.

Now you know your relationship won’t last if you don’t get help.

You’re ready to give it one more try to make your relationship work.

One hundred percent committed – as a couple, you’re ready to do the work and give it your all.

Therapy can be a clean slate for your relationship. Transform your thoughts and beliefs and rebuild the relationship you always wanted.

It’s not too late.

2162100191Connection and restoration are possible.

Life is hard, and sometimes things happen that we never expected – loss of employment, infidelity, grief and loss, manipulation, deceit, and anger.

Couples therapy can help reconnect you with your loved one and learn how to communicate effectively, set boundaries, and find a connection again.

You will learn to forgive, let go of hurt, love yourself again, and regain passion.

I use Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help couples challenge old thoughts and behaviors.

And just in case you’re wondering… yes – I offer homework assignments to work on effective communication and listening skills.

I will often use fun games to help couples reconnect with each other.

There’s also the opportunity to utilize journaling, reflecting listening skills. I will also use gentle confrontation when one partner is not engaging in therapy.

Let’s work together to heal your relationship.

Reconnect and start over with a blank slate.

It’s time to call for an appointment.

Reach out today: (561) 612-2007.